Available in Single Pouch or Six Pack

Milk does a body good. That’s why Legacy Essentials offers this wonderful emergency powdered milk mix. See how easily the powder mixes with water to become a wholesome supply of nonfat milk, complete with the essential calcium, protein, vitamins, and minerals that will help fuel and re-charge your body in any situation. Add it to cereals and cream of wheat for fortification at 9 grams of protein per serving or drink it on its own to reap a variety of critical nutritional benefits. USDA-approved, this pouch will last on the shelf for 3-5 years or more. It’s a wonderful investment for a simpler, healthier future—just pop open a Mylar bag, add water to rehydrate, and enjoy!


USDA Grade “A” Powdered Milk Features – 

  • 40 Servings per Pouch
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • RBST Free
  • Resealable Bag
  • Food will last up to 1 month after breaking the seal
  • Bag Stands Easily on a Shelf
  • Up to 3-5 year shelf Life
  • A great addition to your food storage or Perfect for Daily Use
  • Simple to Prepare – Just Add Water to Rehydrate


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