Welcome to Preppers Food Source, where we believe that a life lived in adventure is better than a life spent in routine. As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we value being prepared for life’s experiences. We are your trustworthy source for high-quality Survival and outdoor products. That is why we provide you survival food, easy-to-carry water storage, and long-term food storage products so that you can focus mainly on what matters most – Adventure.

We value your resilience and self-sufficiency by offering a diverse choice of well-picked survivor foods and their storage. Preppers Food Source is more than a store; we’re your preparedness partners in the USA. We don’t only cover the food aspect. Confidently set out on your next outdoor experience with a hunter knife for protection and various multi-purpose tools – the best survival gear you can rely on.

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Dive into our extensive long-term storage food container line, which includes the best survival foods to satisfy your preparedness needs. Our assortment includes Bulk Packages, ideal for long-term planning and ensuring you have an abundant food supply. If you have dietary restrictions, you can rest confident that we have Gluten-Free choices to meet your needs.

Explore our simple Grab & Go Single Buckets and Single Pouches, which provide quick and easy meal alternatives. We also provide Specialty Items to appeal to certain tastes and preferences. Not sure where to begin? Sample our offerings with our Samples category, or go for the ease of Six Packs.

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Embrace self-sufficiency and grow a thriving garden regardless of the circumstances using Survival Seeds by Preppers Food Source. We have many solutions for starting your garden and securing your food supply. Explore our Fruit Garden Storage Seeds for delicious fruits straight from your backyard or our Herb Garden Storage Seeds for flavoring your culinary creations.

Consider our Basic Survival Seed Variety, a sensible solution for novice and experienced gardeners. With our Medicinal Herb Garden Storage Seeds, you can unleash the potential for holistic wellness. Our Deluxe Garden Survival Storage Seeds offer plentiful harvests for the adventurous grower. Alternatively, choose our Ultimate Seeds Kit, which includes Fruit, Herb, Medicinal, and Vegetable Garden seeds. 

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Discover the essence of life with our Water Storage category, which includes the necessary Deep Well Hand Pump and various hydration solutions. Whether camping, preparing for an emergency, or embracing off-grid living, our water storage solutions will be your constant source of hydration. Our trustworthy and recognized water storage options will keep you refreshed and prepared. 

We are now an affiliate of Sagan Life water filters if you click on links to their products we will receive a commission on any purchase you make from their site.

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